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Universal Surgical Guide?


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Universal SurgiGuide

Universal SurgiGuide® - compatible with all implant systems

You want to use your standard surgery kit to perform guided surgery? Even if your implant company does not offer a guided surgery kit? You also want the accuracy of a single drill guide for the whole drill sequence? Then Universal SurgiGuide® gives you the right tool. It’s even compatible with the drills of any implant brand – genuinely a must-have in your practice!


You can now use the standard tray of your implant brand to perform guided surgery – even if your implant company does not offer a guided surgery kit! A set of Universal SurgiGuide® Drill Keys provides for a flexible drill sequence, allowing you to modify your predefined drill procedure – just continue performing your surgery with the same drill guide and merely change your drill and Drill Key, it’s that simple! The Universal SurgiGuide® system is a flexible one, offering a wide selection of diameters and compatibility with drills of any implant brand.


As a SimPlant® software user, you can transfer your 3D planning onto your patients with ease using only one guide for the whole drill sequence. Just position your Universal SurgiGuide® before starting your drill sequence and you’re all set – there’s no need to reposition different drill guides during surgery. This increases the accuracy of your surgery and allows you to achieve the best possible outcome for your patient. Thanks to a special Universal SurgiGuide® Key Handle, it’s a piece of cake to switch from one diameter to another and reach any angle and position in the patient’s mouth.

Interested? Get your Universal SurgiGuide® Starter Kit now! It contains 3 Drill Keys of your choice of diameter and 1 Key Handle, all wrapped in a nice component box. Contact us today!



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